Pit stall reservations on sale January 15

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January 14, 2021

Pit parking reservations will begin tomorrow morning keep a look out for the layout. First-come, first-served, an the space you rent is for the 2021 racing season.

Next year you will be given the option to renew your spot or move it before we open it up again.

It is not good for any special events such as monster trucks, tractor pulls, mud boggs etc. This ensures every race night your class races you will have the same exact spot all year long.

That being said, this year in the pits we are only allowing those vehicles pulling racecar trailers. You're more than welcome to buy a pit pass but if you're not racing or pulling a racecar, you will be directed to park outside the west pit fence. This will become the pit parking. We are cutting down on the amount of extra traffic during race nights inside the pits.

We will have 80 total spots that can be reserved in the pits, along with 45 VIP spots for the back straightaway fence. Back straightaway VIP parking spot holders from last year have until January 31 to renew your spot from last year.

We will open VIP parking spots reservation's on February 1. That includes whatever is not rented and whatever is not renewed.

These spots will be $200 and each spot is good for one vehicle nightly. You will still be required to pay the pit pass charges for all inside the vehicle, but that will be your spot for the year.

Thank you for helping us and supporting us. We are looking forward to the 2021 racing season as much as you are.

We hope everybody is doing great as the fresh new year is upon us, and that everybody is getting their cars ready for this upcoming season. It's going to be better then the first season—we guarantee it.

We will be doing some work down at the track this weekend. Early next week we will begin to put out info for all our VIP back straightaway spots. We are in the talks for possibly having a car show on opening night during the day. We will make sure it's beneficial for you to attend that.

Tons of things in the works with little to no time to spare to get things ready for 2021. We look forward to seeing everybody this upcoming year for a bigger and better 2021 Alien Motor Speedway racing season.